Bok-Fu-Do, meaning “the System of the sigmaessays White Tiger” was developed and founded by Grandmaster Richard Lee in 1967. It is a Chinese system of martial arts that is composed of many different fighting arts from around the world. It is one of the few systems of martial arts founded and developed in the west that is truly internationally recognized because of its content and consistent success in world competition.

In 1994, when Grandmaster Lee became a Grandmaster it was suggested by Grandmaster Al Tracy, General Wu, Hung-chang (International Chinese Kuoshu Federation Vice President), and Grandmaster Huang, Chien-liang that he formalize his style of Bok-Fu by adding the “Do” (meaning way or system) to the end of Bok-Fu. They explained that the success of his Bok-Fu students in national and international competition as well as the content of the style warranted that Bok Fu – his life’s work – become a system. It had long been recognized and respected outside the United States and was distinguished by producing some of the highest quality martial artists, each of whom were tested in the fires of international affordable papers competition against various countries from around the world. Bok-Fu-Do then officially became an internationally recognized system of Chinese martial arts founded and developed in the west. The “Do” in the words “Bok-Fu-Do” was officially added in 1994.

Grandmaster Lee has taught thousands of students dating back to the 1960’s. In his early years he developed black belts that have gone on to open their own schools and teach Bok-Fu and/or Bok-Fu-Kenpo. But there are only five schools presently teaching Bok-Fu-Do – The West Coast Headquarters, East-West Kung-Fu in Alamo, San Ramon and Lafayette, CA (Head of School – Master John Buckley, 1st disciple of Grandmaster Richard Lee), K.O. Kung-Fu is in San Jose, CA (Head of School – Master John Ozuna, 2nd disciple of Grandmaster Richard Lee), and Nunez Martial Arts Academy in Roseville, CA (Head of School – Shi Fu Andy Nunez).

Grandmaster Lee has stated that it is important to him that Bok Fu Do is the most well documented martial arts system of all time. The IBFDA is the vehicle for which this will be possible. The purpose is to provide a standard for certification and documentation. This documentation is historical for the organization and an opportunity of honor for the individuals that were taught by Grandmaster Lee at some point in their lives. Certificates of rank will be the only one of their kind issued and will coincide with the IBFDA ranking roster as the only documentation of proof and credibility of who has certified rank in Bok Fu Do under Grandmaster Lee. The IBFDA now provides a platform for anyone that studied Bok Fu in the past to be involved in the present and future of the organization.