Our system of Bok Fu Do consistently produces the highest quality students that have proven themselves time and time again in national, international and world competition. The best students in the world can only be produced through the best teaching in the world. Therefore, our IBFDA instructors play a critical role in the development of the future of the system. We put a tremendous amount of focus into the development and certification of our instructors. Each one of our IBFDA certified instructors have gone through a rigorous training process in order to be tested for their certification. They have each been required to maintain their activity, recertify their Instructor Level annually, and are all held to a high standard set forth by the leadership of the IBFDA.

The Chairman, Senior Grandmaster Richard Lee, and the President, Grandmaster John Buckley, have both personally certified each one of these individuals. Each one is a direct representation of Senior Grandmaster Lee, Grandmaster Buckley and the entire system and we take that very seriously. A primary goal of the IBFDA is to ensure that the standard and quality of the system is upheld, and that is reflective in the training that is put into ensuring that each certified instructor upholds the extraordinary level of excellence that is synonymous with the International Bok Fu Do Association. Our priority is to provide our students with the highest quality and standard of excellence possible with each of our instructors.