Tiger Cub Challenges

Tiger Cub Challenges

Need something to keep your Tiger Cubs occupied during the Shelter in Place? Look no further! Below, you will find a variety of games and challenges for kung fu students, as well as nonstudents!



May 18

 Looking for a fun art challenge? Follow along with Ms. Davis' drawing tutorial to learn how to draw a white tiger cub!


May 11


Check out this great new Bok Fu Do crossword! Click the picture for a printable version, and click here for the key once you've solved it!


Apr 28

Apr 20

Want to try your skills with a Bok Fu Do puzzle? Click the picture of Grandmaster Buckley below to put the pieces back together!


Apr 13

First things first, make sure your student knows how to tie their own belt! Follow along with this video of Ms. Lee to learn how. 



Want to increase your Bok Fu Do vocabulary? Try out this word search! Simply click on the picture for a printable version.  


Once you're done, click here for the answer key!